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Beijing Zodngoc Automatic Technology Co., Ltd is a Hi-tech corporation specializing in auto- matic equipment manufacturing with its own R&D center & production lines. Beijing Zodngoc can customize according to clients’ requirement and provide individual solutions.Detailed
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Beijing Zodngoc Automatic Technology Co., Ltd
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  • RFID Equipment

    RFID Equipment
    " With the computer, Internet industry, China in the ' Internet of things ' areas enjoy international discourse right!" The Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute...
    Service product type:intelligent transportation card, intelligent fire card, environmental monitoring, food

  • Electronics Manufacturing

    Electronics Manufacturing
    The labor letter department released data show, our country electronic information manufacturing industry grows steadily, with the development of technology of new products and...
    Service product type:mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, PC, TV, DVD players ( VCD, SVCD, DVD ), video recorder, video cameras,

  • Paper packaging industry

    Paper packaging industry
    We usually know paper packaging is very labour-intensive, bad management, is difficult to control and the accuracy of the problem, and our rotary die-cutting machine...
    Service product type:packing box, label brand, pharmaceutical packaging box, food packing box, liquid packaging box, paper cups.

  • Health care

    Health care
    Health and human oneself live development and quality of life be bound together in a common cause. Human's healthy development is not only the first condition of social...
    Service product type:plaster, plaster, plaster, health paste, stickers foot medicinal magnetic plaster, feminine hygiene supplies

  • Consumer Goods

    Consumer Goods
    Articles of daily use, the necessities of life, is a household goods, home furnishing, home appliances, food and household electrical appliances, personal care products...
    Service product type:cigarette, wine label, paper towels, insoles

  • Industrial manufacturing

    Industrial manufacturing
    We will face is not only the revolution of a chest, and a system of whole industry revolution, that is quietly approaching the third industrial revolution. In two before the...
    Service product type:automotive and motorcycle, aerospace, household appliances, hardware products